Friday, March 9, 2012

Good to see Peter throwing again

April can't get here quick enough.  Even though I enjoyed watching NC State whoop up on Boston College today in the ACC tournament I'm ready for baseball.  Even though the Braves didn't make many changes during the off season I'm feeling good about their chances this year.  They have to be playing in one of the most competitive divisions however.  I fully expect the Phillies to give the Braves a run for their money.  I also expect the Marlins and even the Nationals have improved and will make things interesting.

I think one of the reasons Frank Wren and the Braves front office didn't make many moves is that we are getting a lot of guys back that were hurt last year.  One of these guys is Peter Moylan in the bullpen.  Ever since I had a chance to "meet" him a few seasons ago during one of the Braves' Caravan stops in Charlotte, NC I've liked the guy.  He's funny and has a great personality.  I love watching him pitch and I love how effective he is when he's healthy.

I was able to track down some auto RCs of his (plus a nice low #d parallel) for next to nothing back around Christmas.  Check 'em out!

 2006 Upper Deck SPx Peter Moylan auto RC #045/999

2006 Upper Deck SPx #045/999

2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Peter Moylan auto RC #068/180

2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection #068/180

2011 Topps Update Peter Moylan Hope Diamond #07/60

2011 Topps Update Hope Diamond #07/60

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  1. I went to my first Caravan this year and really enjoyed it. It was in Birmingham-Do you go to them every year? I know they come to SC and NC.