Friday, March 23, 2012

Group Break 2nd Team Randomization

Thanks to all that signed up this month.  I'll be taking the teams not claimed and dropping them into  The teams being randomized are as follow:

Arizona Diamondbacks
Boston Red Sox
Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds
Detroit Tigers
Florida Marlins
Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Angels
Minnesota Twins
New York Mets
Oakland Athletics
Philadelphia Phillies
San Diego Padres
Tampa Rays
Washington Nationals

...and the results are:

01) Tampa Bay Rays (Cardboard Collections)
02) Kansas City Royals (cynicalbuddha)
03) Minnesota Twins (CommunityGum - Jon)
04) Arizona Diamondbacks (hiflew)
05) Florida Marlins (Play at the Plate)
06) Los Angeles Angels (Stealing Home)
07) Oakland Athletics (arpsmith)
08) Washington Nationals (The Dutch Card Guy)
09) Boston Red Sox (Kyle4KC)
10) San Diego Padres (madding)
11) Chicago Cubs (Kyle4KC)
12) Cincinnati Reds (The Dimwit)
13) Philadelphia Phillies (Jason)
14) New York Mets (D a V e)
15) Detroit Tigers (jaybarkerfan)


  1. I would be willing to the let the Royals go if someone wants to trade for them.

  2. I'll trade the Rays for either the A's or the Padres...

  3. I'll trade the D-Backs for anything or anyone...although I understand if no one wants them.

  4. I'll trade with you hiflew if no one takes me up on my offer.

    1. That sounds good. A possible McGriff is a whole lot better than Johnson and/or Schilling in my book.

  5. Probably going to keep the A's.

  6. Sure nobody wants to trade for the Royals?? Not surprised.

  7. I'm looking to trade the Twins for either the Cubs or the Padres. If someone wants the Twins otherwise, I could probably be convinced.