Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Proof "cards" from Fleer bankruptcy sale?

Have any of you out there ever heard or seen any of these proof "cards" that are printed on paper?  I found an auction that said this Tim Hudson proof was obtained directly from Fleer's vault after they went bankrupt.  This is obviously new to me.


  1. I've heard of such things, but as to the authenticity I'm not sure. When Fleer went bankrupt in 2005 I know it started selling off stuff to pay creditors. Of course Upper Deck bought the name and rights, not sure about how stuff was auctioned or what. Of course if you looking to add a new unique Huddy to your collection I say go for it if it's cheap enough. And ahem cough collate your 2012 Topps, cough ahem. I have a huge stack of extras. And I have my Heritage need list up and any help with those 87 mini's too would be awesome. Oh and I set that Chrome Berkman aside for you.

  2. I've never heard of them before either. I would be cautious, especially after what all those Finest "proofs" turned out to be.