Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The best manu-patch?

I don't buy a lot of blasters.  There.  I said it.

When Series 2 of 2012 Topps was released and I saw the checklist on the side I was tempted.  I caved and bought one (which I already shared the contents of), but I resisted to buy more.  It was hard as I really wanted the John Smoltz card that appeared on the Historical Stitches checklist.

Patience isn't always something I'm known for.  I'm trying to improve upon that, but it's hard.  Why do I have to suffer from that "gotta have it now" mentality?  I'm glad though that I did wait as I ended up landing the card via eBay for around 4 bucks.

2012 Topps Historical Stitches

I was reminded when I pulled the Nolan Ryan Historical Stitches card out of my blaster and again today when this card arrived in the mail at just how beautiful these are.

I'm not a hater of manu-patch cards.  Some of them I rather like.  However I do see how some collector's don't care for these.  I have to say though the Historical Stitches cards are rather nice.  They are quickly becoming my favorite manu-patch card.  I'd love to collect the set, but I'm already chasing more things than I have the time and resources for.

So my question to you (you are still reading aren't you?) is what is your opinion of these Stitches cards?  What is your favorite manu-patch card?  Your least favorite?

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  1. I think I've made it clear I have no use for manupatches. I also don't understand why some collectors place these script ones above the others. If anything, it seems like it takes less effort to produce this than the other ones.

    So, yeah, they aren't getting me to buy any blasters.