Wednesday, June 27, 2012

July Affordable Group Break - Sign Ups Open!

For July's Affordable Group Break I've chosen two boxes this time around - one of which I've been itching to feature.

1998 Upper Deck Retro (Hobby)
- 24 packs, 6 cards per pack
- Big Boppers (#d to 500)
- Groovy Kind of Glove (1:7)
- New Frontier (#d to 1000)
- Quantum Leap (#d to 50)
- Sign of the Times (1:36)
- Time Capsule (1:2)

 2001 Fleer Futures (Hobby)
- 28 packs, 8 cards per pack
- Bases Loaded (1:134)
- Bats to the Future (1:28)
- Bats to the Future Bats (1:114)
- Black Gold (#d to 499)
- Characteristics (1:9)
- Hot Commodities (1:14)
- September Call-Ups Memorabilia

After crunching the numbers it comes out to $10 per slot.  14 slots available.  Pick a team and have the 2nd team randomized.  The faster you pay the sooner I can place the order and get to ripping packs.  If for some reason we can't get 14 people to join in on the fun then I'll refund everyone's money.

To claim a slot(s) please:
  • 1) Leave a comment letting me know your team of choice (or teams if claiming multiple slots)
  • 2) PayPal your payment via gift to:  cardboardcollections at
  • 3) E-mail me (same address as payment) your screen name, full name, address and the team(s) claimed
01) Atlanta Braves (Cardboard Collections) (PAID)
02) New York Mets (BA Benny) (PAID)
03) New York Yankees (BA Benny) (PAID)
04) Baltimore Orioles (Kyle4KC) (PAID)
05) Cleveland Indians (Jason) (PAID)
06) Philadelphia Phillies (Dawgbones) (PAID)
07) Chicago White Sox (Stealing Home) (PAID)
08) Los Angeles Dodgers (Spiegel83) (PAID)
09) St. Louis Cardinals (madding) (PAID)
10) Seattle Mariners (FanofReds) (PAID)
11) Cincinnati Reds (FanofReds) (PAID)
12) Texas Rangers (Play at the Plate)
13) Toronto Blue Jays (d a V e) (PAID)
14) Milwaukee Brewers (cynicalbuddha) (PAID)
15) San Francisco Giants (Kyle4KC) (PAID)


  1. Indians please. Payment coming later tonight. Thanks

  2. Let's try my Phils, please. Payment in the morning...

  3. May you put me down for the Dodgers please. I will send payment tomorrow. Thanks.

  4. Put me down for the Cardinals.

  5. Mariners & Reds please. Payment in a few seconds.

  6. Oh, I can't stand it anymore! Give me the Giants so we can get to BUSTIN!

    payment on the way.

    1. I hear ya Kyle! Boxes will be ordered first thing Monday morning. Whohoo, get to juggle Gint-A-Cuffs and a group break of my own!