Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random acts of kindness

Things have been a little hectic around my household recently.  Work sucks, I've given myself A LOT of work lately here on the blog and I'm feeling a tad of the burnt out feeling...so this mystery mailer came at the right time.

Inside this small mailer contained a note and a small small stack of cards.  The note simply said "Just some randomness.  Haven't bought much new lately."  - Night Owl

Some of the cards included a few Braves that I didn't have (Sid Bream, David Justice and Chipper Jones!!)

 and a few cards off my 2008 UD Timeline set that I haven't done much w/ lately.  Oh yeah, these two little cards also fell out of the stack:

I'm way late on trying to build the '10 A&G Creatures of Legend, Myth & Joy so this Easter Bunny card was a welcomed sight.  Since I was just coming back to the hobby in '10 I didn't buy any hobby A&G where I believe was the only place you could find this particular World's Biggest card.

Thank you Night Owl for thinking of little 'ol me in SC.  Your care package came at the right time and I really appreciate it.

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