Friday, March 14, 2014

Card Show Pick-Ups

I haven't been to a card show in ages.  A few weeks ago I was set up as a toy dealer at a hybrid sports cards/toys/comics show in Charlotte, NC.  While I wanted to browse the huge area of card dealers and thumb through the "el cheapo" boxes, I just didn't have time.  My wife only helped me out one day (Saturday) so Sunday I was chained to my table.  Well not literally, but you get the idea.

I did find a quick moment to run over to a table a few aisles over from me that had a big yellow banner hung advertising his huge dime box assortment.  Surprisingly he had all of the cards either in order by set for older commons or in order by team or player.  I quickly ran through the Braves of course and a few other players I collect on and off again.  While time wasn't on my side I had to hurry through, but walked away with these:

I probably already have both the Sheffields in the top row, but I love Finest and the early Upper Deck SP cards were nice.  The Ripken appears to be from some big set (or subset) by Pinnacle.

Clayton Kershaw pissed me off during the Playoffs last season, but the more I find out about the player removed from the field the more I like him.  I can acknowledge his pitching excellence as well, I just wish he would have faltered a little bit last season against my Braves!  Gwynn is a HOF I respect greatly.  His patience at the plate was something to marvel at.  I particular love the Duracell odd ball card.

I have to walk away with at least a few Braves cards.  Found a Tristar minor league of Craig Kimbrell, a subset card of Chipper and a sparkly insert of Glavine.  Was even happier when I got home and checked my list to see that I had the regular version of the Star Power insert of Glavine, but not the thick sparkly version!

I had grabbed one other Chipper insert that I ended up having, but all in all I was happy w/ the dollar I spent.

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