Thursday, March 6, 2014

Panini delivers Lemke ink!

I guess you could say I'm coming off a "Panini high" after hosting last month's Affordable Group break featuring Panini's newest baseball product, 2014 Donruss.  While I still wish Panini would be offered a full license so they could really go toe to toe with Topps, I appreciate most of their baseball efforts.

I recently stumbled across a checklist for last year's Hometown Heroes autograph set and was surprised to see a lot of the names included.  I always find it refreshing with you have players that have signed that aren't usually included in other sets.  Maybe that's why I loved the old Leaf Signatures set from the 90's.  After skimming the list I immediately stopped when I saw this card:

Mark freakin' Lemke!  This 2nd baseball of the Braves was all about hustle and grit.  Growing up watching the '91 Braves I loved watching Lemke sniff out ground balls and pull of double plays.  Sadly though I only have a handful of his cards...and none of them are autographs...until now!  I've managed to get several nice Braves auto in my collecting time, but there is nothing better than getting your first auto of one of your favorite players.

On a somewhat releated note, I filled out my online redemption quest for my first Evan Gattis auto as well from 2014 Donruss.  Too bad I won't be enjoying my first auto of Evan anytime soon. ) =

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