Saturday, August 9, 2014

A surprise from my Mistress

It's no surprise that I've been out of the (cardboard) loops recently.  Life has just demanded more time so my hobbies have fell to the wayside.  I wasn't even able to afford a box of 2014 Allen & Ginter this year.  Yes I know, it's tragic.  When I've had spare time and the money I've picked up a few blasters and loose packs here and there.  Still not content w/ the amount of minis I've acquired, I searched out eBay.  I ran across a few listings by none other than fellow blogger, My Cardboard Mistress.  I placed a few what would be winning bids on some of his extra A&G minis.  But that's not what this post is about.  It's about Adam's generosity.  

When the cards finally came in the mail 3 additional cards fell out of the bubble mailer that I wasn't expecting.

The first card comes from Topps Pro Debut minor league baseball.  It's a "patch" card of the Charlotte Knights mascot, Homer the Dragon.  I've blogged a few times about the local White Sox AAA affiliate team before.  The team moved into uptown Charlotte this season into the beautiful BB&T Ballpark.  I've only been once and the game was rained out.  This was a very nice gesture and completely unexpected.

The next card falls into my NC State collection.  Tom Gugliotta was one of the first NC State basketball players that I followed for the entirety of their collegiate career.  He was probably one of the first basketball players I started collecting that wasn't a Charlotte Hornet too.  I love getting his cards, period.  Just a base card would have made me happy, but an autograph?!  What's going on here?

The third bonus card in the mailer happened to be this nice looking auto patch card of Carolina Panthers WR Joe Adams.  Granted Joe never did anything in the league or even made the Panthers final roster, I still love this card.  You've got a big patch, an auto and it's serially numbered.

You know if I had been more active at the time within the community receiving extra cards like this wouldn't have surprised me at all.  One of the best things about being apart of this card blogging community is the great people I've "met".  However my posting has been spotty at best.  All I can say is Thank You Adam for your kindness and make sure everyone else knows that you more than just My Cardboard Mistress!

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