Monday, September 8, 2014

May I speak my mind for a moment?

I try to keep my posts on this blog cardboard related, but there are times I just need an outlet to express my thoughts and opinions on sports related topics.

Ray Rice.

I was appalled by what I had heard a did awhile back that granted him a two game suspension from the NFL. Now the video has been released. Wow.

Former Carolina Panthers teammate and current teammate, Steve Smith, has a charity of his own that deals with domestic violence. I wonder what Steve is thinking of his teammate now that the video has been released. To say Roger Goodell got this wrong is a huge understatement.



  1. Looks like they have taken some major action today. Both the Ravens and the League.

  2. Glad they decided to suspend him indefinitely. I'm a firm believer in second chances... but there are exceptions to this rule. I'd be okay with a lifetime ban for any player who hits a woman.

  3. This whole Ray Rice fiasco will weigh heavily on what happens on Carolina Panthers player Greg Hardy. He hasn't been convicted yet, nor has he been sentenced with anything yet, but this is going to continue to get ugly in the light of what is happening in the NFL.