Thursday, November 6, 2014

#TBT Throwback Thursday - Charlotte Hornets Edition

Yes, I'm still suffering from Charlotte Hornets euphoria and the new NBA season. I feel as if I have a reason to watch and follow the NBA again. Granted it is a completely different animal since last I felt this passionate about the league, it's been a fun first week.

During this time I've started to tackle the stacks and stacks of unorganized cards I have sitting on my desk, beneath my desk and behind my desk. Some of these are old trades - which I apologize now if I've lost or forgotten who sent them to me. Some of the stacks are just cards I've amassed from packs, shows or just freebies I've been sent. Either way I'm trying to make sense of my mess as I've neglected for far too long.

One of the stacks I started going through last night was full of old Charlotte Hornets cards. Nothing flashy, mostly base cards. The timing however was perfect with the trip down memory lane. So for the next few Thursdays I'll have a Throw Back Thursday - Charlotte Hornets edition themed posts to share some of these cards I found.

For all of you baseball lovers, don't worry. I haven't turned my back on baseball or my Braves...I'm just not in the baseball spirit right now. Once the Winter Meetings, 2015 Topps and Spring Training hit I'm sure that I'll feel that excitement once again.

1989-1990 NBA Hoops

These are some of the earliest Hornets cards I believe I own. The '89-'90 season was the 2nd year of the Charlotte Hornet's existence in the league. The team was horrible, the win / loss record was even worse, but I remember that you would never know this judging by the fan excitement and home game attendance. 

1989-1990 Fleer

I prefer this year Fleer's design over Hoops hands down, but I hadn't quite gotten into trading cards period at this time so these 2 Fleer cards had to have come in a multi-card trade package or something. I would like to track down the rest of the team however one day.