Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Surprise Bubble Mailer

The stomach bug has been running rampant throughout my household the last 2 weeks so to say life has been crazy is a huge understatement. We've isolated the sick down stairs, so I've been essentially hiding upstairs. I've tried to make the most of my time being "stuck" upstairs by giving my hobby room a complete overhaul. I'm trying to give myself a better system for my cards and get myself organized so I can once again return to the world of (semi-active) blogging and trading.

Being out of the loop for the better part of 2014, I've been surprised to see that my humble blog remains on many of my fellow bloggers' blog rolls. I haven't had much to insert into the conversation since I my card purchases and trades have been virtually non-existant. So you can imagine my surprise when I received a rather large bubble mailer in my mail box the other day.

Dennis from Too Many Verlanders sent over a nice little selection of Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Braves. I of course wasn't expecting anything and I don't believe I've even communicated with Dennis lately, yet through his generosity he sends me his cast away cards.

One of my main goals is to get my collection lists updated along with my trade lists. My want lists will probably shrink as I'm going to narrow my focus to the annual A&G set. I'll try to finish out a few other sets, but no more trying to collect everything. Once I get this done there are several people, Dennis included, I feel the need to repay.

Here is just a sampling of some of the fun cards Dennis sent my way...

Even though the Panthers relic cards are of players that are pretty much busts (minus Julius Peppers), I still love getting relic cards. I appreciate the kind gesture. Now to get back to work on getting myself more organized!

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  1. Why'd I send those to you?

    1. You're the only person I know that collects the Panthers
    2. There is no 2.

    Merry Christmas!