Saturday, April 18, 2015

2015 Gypsy Queen has landed

While stopping earlier today at our local Walmart to pick up a birthday gift for a party we were headed to, I checked out the pathetic excuse for a card section while my wife and daughters looked for a birthday card. I saw the pegs had been restocked, even eyed some new product (at least for this store - mainly 2015 Donruss value packs).

Up on the top shelf was one lone Gypsy Queen blaster. Then I noticed the hanger boxes. I grabbed one of each and began to compare the number of cards per box...the same. Then I looked over the odds of the inserts and what not and determined the hanger boxes to be the better deal. Plus each box contained 3 exclusive Pearl Framed Paper parallels.

I grabbed 3 of the hanger boxes and proceeded to check out. I wasn't able to open all of the boxes until I returned home from the party late this afternoon. I haven't even had time to get to my scanner, but I'm liking this year's GQ effort more than in the past. I like the design as it doesn't take up as much of the card front has compared to the last few years. Parallels are crazy, but this is Topps we are dealing with. I'll go after anything Freddie Freeman I can get my hands on, but the other Braves players are a little lower on the totem pole of what I'll be searching out.

Speaking of Freddie, check out his variation from the base set. Freddie is known for his hugs almost as much as he is known for his bat/fielding!

Glove Stories return for another year and will be a set I'm looking to complete. Pillars of the Community and Walk-Off Winners are two new full card sized insert sets that look nice. I'll be aiming to complete those too.

Last year I decided to focus on finishing off some of the sets I had already started on, but moving forward I would only try to build two sets - Gypsy Queen and Allen & Ginter. I'm glad I splurged today on these 3 hanger boxes as it's been fun sitting down with these cards and making my Want List. I won't be doing anything with most of the Minis and those Pearl Framed Paper parallels so check out my Trade List to see if I have anything you want.


  1. I've never liked Gypsy Queen...until this year. Great stuff and I look forward to getting some! Hopefully the Freeman Hugs card is not super tough to find!

    1. The one card of Freddie I saw on eBay had a Buy It Now price of $49.99! Yeah right.