Friday, April 10, 2015

Braves 4, Dodgers 1

No, I'm not delirious. I know the Braves and Dodgers haven't squared off on the field just yet!

Upon opening the one and only pack of 2015 Topps Heritage, I found a Sandy Koufax card inside. It wasn't long before the Night Owl contacted me wanting that card. Without hesitating, I fired off the card to Greg expecting nothing in return.

Well that wasn't the case.

When I returned home from a camping vacation at Myrtle Beach earlier this week, there was a plain white envelope waiting for me in the mailbox. Inside said envelope were 4 Braves cards. Wait. How was this supposed to work? I wasn't expecting anything, let alone 4 cards. I only sent 1, but got 4? I like those only if my stock would perform like that I'd be all set!

First card in the folded piece of paper was this 1992 Baseball Cards Magazine card of Steve Avery. I actively started collecting cards and following the Braves around Steve's rookie year so I have many fond memories of watching him pitch.

This 2013 Postseason Heroes card of John Smoltz has a chrome finish, but lacks the typical Topps Chrome logo. I'm guessing it was part of 2013 Topps series 2? Either way I'll always take a Smoltz card that I don't have!

The last 2 cards hail from this years Topps flagship set. I've seen both on eBay, but I couldn't bring myself to pay $.99 for a card only to pay another $3 to have it shipped to me. 

Who would've guessed that entering the 2015 season that Freddie would be the longest tenured Braves player?

Many thanks to the great Night Owl for his generosity, and of course for his continued efforts of his own great blog.


  1. I got rid of four Braves cards! I win!

    1. Anytime you want to have these lopsided trades you let me know!