Thursday, April 30, 2015

More Gypsy Queen - Braves and Trade Goods

The local Walmart near my work restocked their Gypsy Queen hanger boxes so I grabbed two more. Still haven't landed a auto or anything good like that, but at least the first box I opened up had several Braves!

Two base cards of two Hall of Frame Braves pitchers, Smoltz and Glavine. Even scored the Pearl Framed Paper parallel of Smoltz! One of the 6 minis between the two boxes was of new outfielder, Nick Markakis!

Knocked off 4 more inserts from the want list as well - two for Glove Stories and two for Walk-Off Winners.

Here are the cards (minus the base) that went up earlier on my trade list. Still plenty I need so hopefully someone will come along and need something above.


  1. Great pulls, Colbey! The Griffey Jr., Sandoval and BOTH red mini's are super nice. I wish I could pull my Padres like you seem to pull your Braves! Congrats!

  2. Just got a blank white piece of cardboard in pack with sticker. Is that just a filler card so people can't guess what's in pack ???

  3. It looks like a plate and say 2 AT under light