Tuesday, May 26, 2015

3D Fireworks

During my heyday of collecting cards (the 90's) there was no shortage of gimmicks. In the mid-90's Pinnacle Brands brought back the SportFlix brand. At least to me these sets never really gained much of a following within the hobby, but I have always enjoyed things that were a bit different.

Lenticular cards are nothing new. However there are certain sets that use this card technology that I like and the 1995 Detonators set found in SportFlix is one of those. I'm not sure why as it tends to have a gaudy design, but it's a set I started building years ago when I was hosting group breaks on a regular basis.

For years I only had one card from the set (Frank Thomas), but it was enough to make me want more. However like many things, this set fell on the back burner, so much that I forgot about it. Recently however I had a few virtual bucks burning a virtual hole in my virtual pocket so I decided to see what cards from this set I could find. My results yielded 3 cards shipped for less than 3 bucks.

So there you have a few more pure 90's cheese I've added to my collection. The insert set is only 9 cards deep so that leaves me with 5 cards left. My want list has been updated.

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