Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trade Completed

You'd think it's been awhile since I was active in the trading department within the blog-o-sphere based on my lack of, but like a lot of you I'm just behind on sharing my trades.

Trying to dig out from underneath work (and get my box break post of '15 A&G and my related want lists/trade lists up) I came across a single white envelope from Jimmy Yang. It's post marked July 18th, 2015. Not quite a month since this deal was completed, but better late than never, right?

I sent Jimmy a few cards off my trade list that he wanted and in exchange he sent me 4 inserts from last year's A&G set that I still needed. I haven't actively pursued completing any of my sets I'm working on lately so it's nice to be able to mark off a few cards, even if it's only 4.

I've only been collecting the A&G brand for a few years now, but it seems as if the mini inserts had the best themes. However I really enjoyed the full size inserts last year with the Fields of Yore leading the pack. 

This year's A&G offering has some great full size inserts as well, but we'll talk about those later. For now I just wanted to publicly thank Jimmy for the trade.

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