Thursday, April 21, 2016

These Nachos Grande are so good! (and so are his trades)

Every now and then I come across some things that the crazy Reds fan that runs NaA lotchos Grande doesn't have and we are able to strike up a trade. My latest deal with him consisted of sending him some Reds cards along with some Lego mini figures from the latest series. In return he helped me out with my 2016 Topps want list of both base cards and some of these awesome Perspective inserts.

A lot of the inserts from the flagship Topps set have really been lacking in originality the last few years in my opinion, but these Perspective cards are beautifully done. The sharp photography and full bleed design makes me think this is something from Stadium Club (minus the regular thickness card stock) and is a set I'm eager to finish.

I also got a few more inserts from this years Topps set including Berger's Best (not sure why I'm actively working on this set since this has been done before), Pressed into Service, the Wrigley Field set and the last Wacky Packages sticker I needed to finish the preview set.

These custom Allen & Ginter mini cards were a complete surprise! Personally I love the Freddie Freeman and the autograph card of his truly, Chris was a nice touch too. I'll have to find a place for these in one of my A&G binders. Thanks for such a great swap!

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