Thursday, April 28, 2016

Time to get to work

As much as I love the NFL and my Carolina Panthers, I don't follow college football so I can't get excited about tonight's NFL draft. So what does one do instead of watching young guys become millionaires?

He puts on the Braves game (holy crap, are they actually leading the Red Sox?!) and gets ready to put a large chunk of 2016 Gypsy Queen in pages.

I'm really enjoying this years GQ set. The base design looks great and the inserts are a little more interesting this year. I love the MVP mini set, however I've only pulled 4 so far and I've bought a good bit of retail blasters. Once I'm done with this tonight, I need to go through a large box that arrived last weekend from a deal I made with a Facebook user. More on that later. Well, I better get to work.

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