Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A long delayed public Thank You

Some months ago I ran across a post on the blog Baseball Every Night with some cards that were being given away. I think he had bought a random pack just for fun, but didn't have any desire to hold onto the cards. None the less, I grabbed the 3 cards above and he was gracious enough to send them to me free of charge.

Then the dreaded thing happened...the mail got buried, literally, in my home office. I've been trying to dig myself out over these last two months and just the other day I found these 3 cards. I hate it when I do this because I always like to publically thank fellow bloggers that I trade with or in this case, send me free stuff.

Thank you Peter for the cards. I'm sorry about the long delay!! If you haven't visited his blog, I encourage you to do so. Good stuff.


  1. Peter is very generous like that. He sent me some Archives Mets which may have come from the very same pack.

  2. Yes, Peter's been a great addition to the sports card blogging community.
    That CarGo card is still one of my favorites. Love that camera angle down the foul line!