Sunday, January 28, 2018

2018 WWE Royal Rumble Pack Break Special: 2017 Topps WWE

Tonight is the 2018 WWE Royal Rumble and with that I thought we'd open a few packs of cards. My interest in the WWE has waned a little in the past few months, however the Rumble is always an entertaining Pay-Per-View event. The company always has a few good surprises up their sleeve, though they don't always deliver. This is the official kick off to the Road to Wrestlemania and I'm hoping it's going to be a fun evening. I'll be tuning in at 7 PM on the WWE Network, but until then let's bust two retail 2017 Topps packs.


I'm not 100% sure if this set is just called 2017 Topps or if the slogan "Then Now Forever" is part of the set name. Not that it really matters. This set is no different than in years past. The design is based off the same year's baseball design, with a few alterations. Each show's brand (Raw & Smackdown Live) are featured along with "rookie cards", Legends and cards of upcoming NXT talent. Loads of parallels can be found in both the Hobby and Retail versions, along with relics (kiss, mat cards), autographs and other inserts, such as Finishing Moves. 

These packs came from Target and contain retail exclusive Undertaker Tribute cards seeded 1:3 packs. 7 card retail packs have a MSRP of $1.99.

Jake "the Snake" Roberts #188

First card out of the pack is a Legends card of Jake "the Snake" Roberts #188. Classic image of Jake and his pet boa, Damian. The classic WWF logo, altered to remove the "F" is used in the upper left corner for the legends.

Bret "Hit Man" Hart #183

James Ellsworth "RC" #147

This guy is so annoying. I don't always watch Smack Down Live, but I think they have finally written this goofy character out of the programing.

Buddy Murphy #168

Don't watch NXT so I can't comment.

The Undertaker Tribute #33

These tribute inserts have been running a few years now with previous subjects of Daniel Bryant and John Cena. I was never a huge Undertaker fan, but I do kind of like these retrospective tribute cards.

The Miz - Finishing Moves #F-30

I like the Finishing Moves inserts. Every wrestler has one, some more than one, and those moves go hand in hand with the wrestler's character. Here the Miz shows off the move made famous by the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

AJ Styles - Finishing Moves #F-25

AJ Styles made his name outside of the WWE, but since he came over to the "big leagues" I've enjoyed watching him perform in the ring. He has more than one finishing moves, but the Styles Clash looks to be unconfortable for his opponet.


Elias #170

When he first made his debut, I thought his character was a joke. Afterall, not many wrestlers that carry a guitar to the ring are ever taken seriously. However he makes a great heel and he seems to be getting a push of late by the WWE. Rumor has it that he'll face John Cena at this year's Wrestlemania. 

Summer Rae #137

The only women's division representative, Summer Rae was released by the WWE in 2017. I think she requested her release, as to why I haven't a clue. She never did much in the first place so I doubt many fans miss her.

Primo #157

Primo is another wrestler that I'm unsure of if he's still employed by WWE. He was last used with his brother (?) as part of the tag team, The Shining Stars.

Jinder Mahal #150 

A lot of fans may remember Jinder as part of 3MB alongside Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre. He was never used much outside the silly 3 man group and eventually disappeared. He would later return in 2017 and was given a big push by the WWE. My suspicion is he was given that push as the WWE looked to introduce the WWE Network in the country of India.

The Undertaker Tribute #32

Drew McIntyre - Finishing Moves #F-33

I knew that Drew left the WWE and joined TNA for awhile, but I guess he's back in the WWE as a part of NXT.

Chris Jericho - Finishing Moves #F-18

Chris is a very entertaining wrestler who has been around now for many, many years. His Walls of Jericho finishing move has many names, but no one has made the move as famous as Jericho.

That's it. Time for me to collate these cards and put them aside as I only have a few hours left to take care of some other business before it's time for the Royal Rumble. Enjoy everyone!


  1. I'd say the legends cards and the Elias card were probably your best cards of the batch. Ellsworth got the axe last fall, right around the same period Summer Rae got canned as well I think. Also, Elias is awesome. He's one of the few reasons I tune into Raw.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love those Finishing Move inserts. Totally agree with you and Adam, Elias is turning into a great heel and his character seems more entertaining each week.