Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Case Keenum

So the 2017 NFL Playoffs didn't work out the way this Carolina Panthers fan would have liked, but I have enjoyed the ride as most of the games have been very competitive and entertaining. One of the stories from this NFL season (Playoffs included) has been Case Keenum and the job he did at guiding the Minnesota Vikings to one game away from the Super Bowl.

As I looked into his story a bit more, I found out that he is yet another Christian athlete that credits the Lord for his talent and reflects all of the attention off of him and up to Him. Long time readers of my blog may have noticed that many of the players I collect are Christian athletes. Case joins a very long line of talented athletes that I'll be keeping an eye on when opening packs or browsing nickle and dime boxes at my LCS or at a show.

I recently came across his 2012 Topps Magic RC for a few quarters. I may or may not already have this card, I'm not sure, but I loved the Magic football sets that Topps put out in the early 2010's. I knew Case had been a journeyman of sorts, but I had no idea that Houston drafted him.


  1. He had a solid season. Didn't see that coming.

  2. Keenum actually came and spoke at our church while he was in Houston, really a stand up guy. I don't collect football cards, I'm 99.9% a baseball guy, but I picked up an auto of his for the same reason you picked up that one. A little mini collection of Christian athletes.

    In case you're curious, this is a video of him speaking...