Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In the Mail 10/6/10

Wow, 2 days in a row the mail man brings me some cool cards!  Let's take a look at what arrived:

2001 Upper Deck MVP Souveniers #G-JL
Wow, I can't believe I scored this card for a buck on eBay.  The seller had a Buy It Now price of $6.00, but I resisted the initial temptation and just placed a small bid and waited.  Game used jersey and bat cards are so common place now that it's nice to add a different type of game used card to the collection.  The white on the swatch is the leather from the glove while the red is fabric.  Very nice and easily my 2nd favorite Javy Lopez game used card I own.

2006 Bowman Heritage Pieces of Greatness #PG-CJ2

I got this card from the same seller that had the Javy batting glove card.  It also ended up only setting me back a buck.  This is the first game used card of Chipper I have.  While Bowman Heritage may not be my favorite design it's nice to finally have a game used Chipper card.

1995 Score Signed Greatness #SG1 (4974/6100)
I've never seen this card before and I almost browsed right past the listing the other night.  Growing up w/ the early 90's Braves team I can remember watching Klesko belt many balls over the outfield wall @ the old Fulton County stadium.  Great autographed card, great price paid...what else can I ask for?

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