Saturday, October 9, 2010

In the Mail 10/9/10

I've gotten way too used to dropping in on eBay to "take a peek" at what Braves deals I can find that I need to stop...because every time I look I find something that I place a bid on.  Here lately I'm winning most of these auctions too.  Yes, I have gotten some very nice cards and reasonable prices (or downright steals), but the amount I've paid in shipping when I spread out my purchases could make a grown man cry.  I know because I've cried a little!  Seriously though I got some nice swag in the mail the last 2 days so let's take a quick look.

2005 Topps Cracker Jack #TO-BC
This is easily my favorite card of the bunch.  The timing of my running across this card is also excellent what with this being Cox's final season managing the Braves.  I never bought much of the Topps Cracker Jack product, but what I do have is all very nice.  This not quite regular size card features authentic game-worn uniform.  I wonder if Bobby was ejected from a game in this uniform?!

2002 Topps #HRR-RF
I always enjoyed watching Rafael Furcal play the field when he was a Brave.  I have to admit though the black composition notebook look doesn't make out for a very appealing ball card though, jersey piece or not.

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #SG-KJ
Ever since I saw the discounted blaster boxes of Masterpieces @ Walmart I've been tempted at buying a few since I seem to marvel at the few individual cards I currently own.  I have resisted thus far from buying much of this product, but how could I pass up placing a last minute bid of $.50 for this card?!  Sure, Kelly isn't a Brave anymore, but that doesn't take anything away from this being a beautiful card.

2005 Topps Blue #65 (13/50)
Let's see - what was I doing in 2005 when this set came out?  That's right - graduating from college.  That's way I never saw or bought any of this...I was busy & broke!  I ended up buying a mess of these cards of different Braves players in a variety of colors for cheap.  I'm still trying to find out how many dang color variations there are, but this Gant card is the lowest serially numbered.  The others I bought include David Justice, Javy Lopez, Jermaine Dye and non Braves player Tim Salmon.

2010 Topps Pro Debut #243 Blue (040/369)
Starting first baseman for the Braves in 2011...or at least that is what a lot of people are saying at this point.  I wasn't surprised to see that Freedie wasn't included on this year's post season roster, but it's OK as I see a bright future ahead of him with the Braves organization.

2010 Topps Pro Debut #TT17
The same seller that had the blue parallel also had this card in the same lot.  I probably wouldn't have bothered with this card if it was sold on it's own as I don't like the fact the same image was used as was used on the base card.  However the back of the card has a interesting quote from Baseball America stating "because of his defense, comparisons of Freeman to Keith Hernandez and Mark Grace (w/ more power) have become commonplace."

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  1. 2005 is a good year to graduate from college! I too have very few cards from that year - most have been acquired way after the fact!