Sunday, October 31, 2010

November Group Break Sign Ups!

It's time to announce November's group break!  Last month's was probably my most successful (in terms of selling a high # of teams) so I'm keeping the tiered pricing in place this month.

This month we'll be busting open 3 boxes and 4 jumbo packs:

- 1993 Bowman x4 jumbo packs (22 cards per pack)
- 1995 Topps Embossed Hobby (24 packs, 6 cards per pack)
- 1999 Topps Stars 'N Steel Hobby (12 packs, 3 cards per pack)
- 2000 Upper Deck Ultimate Victory (24 packs, 5 cards per pack)

Pricing is a little higher than I initially wanted it to be mainly because of the inclusion of the Stars 'N Steel box.  I debated switching it out for a less expensive box (and lighter!), but I'm so intrigued by it that I left it in.

To sign up please leave a comment to claim your team or teams.  Braves will be claimed by the host.  Sign ups will last approximately one week (ending on Sunday, November 7th).  At that time I will ask for paymentPrices include shippingPayments can be sent via PayPal to colbeykatie at  Please be sure to mark the payment as a GIFT please.  Include your shipping address with your payment please!  Results will be listed per pack here on the blog - no video will be done.

The following teams will be $9.00 each:
Baltimore Orioles - "O" No!!!  Another Orioles Blog (paid)
Boston Red Sox - Cardsplitter / the Call of Cardboard (paid)
Cincinnati Reds - FanOfReds (paid)
Minnesota Twins
New York Mets - TheBrooklynMet (paid)
New York Yankees - wickedortega / My Past Time...I Love It!
St. Louis Cardinals - Cards on Cards (paid)
Toronto Blue Jays

The following teams will be $7.00 each:
Chicago Cubs
Cleveland Indians - Baseball Dad
Los Angeles Angels
Los Angeles Dodgers - night owl (paid)
Oakland Athletics
Philadelphia Phillies - arfmax (paid)
San Francisco Giants
Seattle Mariners - BA Benny (paid)
Texas Rangers 

The following teams will be $6.00 each:
Chicago White Sox
Colorado Rockies
Detroit Tigers - Grand Cards (paid)
Florida Marlins - PhaLe28 (paid)
Houston Astros - Baseball Dad
Montreal Expos - PhaLe28 (paid)
San Diego Padres
Tampa Bay Rays

The following teams will be $4.00 each: 
Arizona Diamondbacks 
Kansas City Royals 
Milwaukee Brewers - cynicalbuddha (paid)
Pittsburgh Pirates - PhaLe28 (paid)


  1. I'm in for the Tigers again--sure, this is a total dead period for good Tigers cards, but for $6 I just can't turn it down.

  2. I am definitely in for the Orioles!

  3. I'll take the Yankees this time....

  4. I will try the Mariners to boost my Griffey Jr. collection.

  5. Put me down for the Cardinals, please.

  6. I'm in for the Brewers please. You should have payment. cheers

  7. $9 is kinda harsh considering there aren't even any Twins in the Stars 'n Steel set. ;-)

    I'm going to pass; the Embossed is the only set I really need anything from.

  8. i will take the marlins and the expos for $12.00, Please.

  9. I would like the Cleveland Tribe please!!