Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reorganizing Trade Lists

I love to buy cards whether they be singles, packs or boxes.  That said I end up with A LOT of cards that I don't particularly care to keep.  That means a lot of work trying to organize and catalog cards that I may or may not be able to move.  What does that mean to you the reader?  Well it could mean you'll be getting a package in the mail soon with cards of your favorite team!  If you have participated in one of my group breaks or if you have traded with me in the past...or if I just have your address and I know what team you collect you'll be getting something soon.  Some teams have more cards than others, but since they are basically free I don't think anyone will mind.  To anyone that receives a package - I'm not asking for anything in return necessarily.  However if you run across Braves stuff I just ask that you keep me in mind.  Deal?

Going forward I'm changing what I keep to list on my trade list.  Outside of inserts, autos and relics there won't be nearly as much stuff listed outside of cards for base sets I may be building which results in lots of doubles like the base Topps sets.  I'm still open to trading with anyone, I just don't have the room and time to organize hundreds and hundreds of cards.  Make sense to anyone?

Thanks everyone that has sent me stuff whether it was out of the blue or an organized trade.  I hope these packages I'll be sending out will return some of the kindness I've been shown since joining the community.


  1. Hey man, I'm always up for a good trade and am looking for Orioles cards. shoot me an email, salsmanado at gmail.

  2. Aw man, how else will I know what to pick off your list? Lolol jk, I'm sure I'll manage!