Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vintage RCs & more available

My younger brother works part time in a golf shop in Charlotte, NC and his boss is a big time sports collector.  Parts of his vintage baseball card collection are being placed on eBay and my younger brother asked me for help with the listings.  Everything is under his ID, but I've tried to help as much as I could.  I told him to let his boss know that I would put a posting on my blog as well.

A lot of the cards aren't in pristine condition, but a lot of them are old and rookies of current hall of fame players.  For example - RCs of Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Al Kaline, Roberto Clemente, Luis Aparicio, Bob Gibson, Sandy Koufax, Ernie Banks, Lou Brock, Yaz, Mark McGwire, Frank Robinson and Don Drysdale.  There are also some nice graded autographed post cards of Ted Williams and Joe Dimaggio.

I'm not getting anything out of this in return, but I thought some of you guys may be interested.  The starting bids are low and if there are reserves in place they are fair.  You can click on the link below for a complete listing of what is available.  If you intend to bid good luck!

Vintage Hall of Fame RCs & more!

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