Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger's "Maintenance" Issues Interrupt Group Break post!

After finally seeing that I had access to my Blogger Dashboard this afternoon I see that I lost more than half of my per pack listings for the first box (1995 Topps) of this month's group break!!  The team card tally is also gone.  Only the first 15 packs' contents remain.  The post was saved, I'm not sure what happened.  I also lost several comments on other posts.  This really really sucks.  I have already sorted all the cards from the box of Topps so I can't re-type up the rest of the packs.

I will make an attempt this weekend to remedy this situation as best possible.  I have already scanned all of the base cards that I wanted to highlight along w/ all the inserts.  I'll add those to the end of the post I had already started.  I can say that just about every team faired really well with most teams getting at least one (if not more) of the Spectra Light / Cyberstats cards.

The other boxes will be done by video most likely so stay tuned.  Again - I'm sorry I can't share the pack by pack rundown.  All 36 packs were listed before this...whatever happened w/ Blogger happened.

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  1. Apparently the posts are slowly coming back, perhaps in the order they were written. I see a whole bunch from yesterday popping up in my feed a second time, but a comment I made on one of Napkin Doon's posts isn't there yet. I'd say give it a little time before you put the effort into retyping everything.