Thursday, May 26, 2011

Missing cards?

First it was Gypsy Queen missing hits, now it's Bowman missing cards per pack?  I haven't found too many loose packs available in my area (and if I have the packs have been opened and left behind), but I did grab 2 packs the other day and both packs only had 9 cards.  One of the Chrome cards were missing and neither pack had been tampered with.

Has anyone else ran into this problem w/ loose retail packs?  It wasn't a huge deal as I'm more of a fan of the base cards, but I still would like to get everything I pay for.

The 2 packs even though they were short a card I did get a few decent things:

- Buster Posey Finest Futures #FF2
- Buster Posey International parallel #1

Both are available for trade.  Looking for the green retail parallel of Tim Hudson.

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