Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Braves aren't getting any hits tonight, but I did!

I'm sitting here going back and forth between the blog and watching the Braves/Phillies game - wondering when someone will step up to the plate and do something.  Anyhow after I finished my previous post I sat down in front of the TV watching the debut of Braves pitcher Julio Teheran while I opened the 2nd Gypsy Queen blaster.  Right off the bat in the first pack I did something the Braves haven't done...I got a hit!  (technically the Braves beat me to the hit tonight...but you know what I mean)


I'm kinda a closet Red Sox fan so this is a really cool pull.  My wife is from New England and all her family are die hard Red Sox fans (my nephew's middle name is even Fenway!) so I may keep this card.  If someone were to offer up a similar Braves framed mini relic we'll talk, otherwise I'm just going to enjoy this card.  By the way I beat the odds again.  Ortiz is part of Group A - seeded 1:56 packs.  Wow, 2 blasters and 2 hits.  I think All About Cards' luck has rubbed off on me!


  1. The Teheran start was a little disappointing tonight. I really hope they keep him up, though, I'll tune in every 5th day to watch that kid pitch.

  2. Yeah, he had a rough outing this evening, but I too hope they keep him in the rotation. If the offense could've given him some run support it might have put him at ease a little.