Sunday, May 15, 2011

Group Break - 1996 Fleer Emotion-XL

The 2nd box in this month's group break is 1996 Fleer Emotion-XL.  Collation was pretty good so most teams card count consists of non-duplicate cards!  We got a few inserts as well which are scanned and displayed below the video.  An up to date card count is at the bottom of the post.

Kenny Lofton (Indians), Barry Bonds (Giants)
Mark Grace (Cubs, Greg Maddux
Greg Maddux (Braves), Tony Gwynn (Padres)
Rare Breed
Hideo Nomo (Dodgers)

Key:  B = base, I = insert
Atlanta Braves | B/30, I/2
Baltimore Orioles | B/20, I/0
Boston Red Sox | B/23, I/1
California Angels | B/21, I/ 0
Chicago Cubs | B/16, I/2
Chicago White Sox | B/27, I/1
Cincinnati Reds | B/25, I/2
Cleveland Indians | B/24, I/5
Colorado Rockies | B/23, I/3
Detroit Tigers | B/20, I/1
Florida Marlins | B/19, I/1
Houston Astros | B/21, I/4
Kansas City Royals | B24/, I/3
Los Angeles Dodgers | B/28, I/3
Milwaukee Brewers | B/21, I/1
Minnesota Twins | B/14, I/2
Montreal Expos | B/24, I/1
New York Mets | B/28, I/3
New York Yankees | B/19, I/2
Oakland Athletics | B/23, I/4
Philadelphia Phillies | B/24, I/0
Pittsburgh Pirates | B/18, I/1
San Diego Padres | B/29, I/2
San Francisco Giants | B21/, I/2
Seattle Mariners | B/22, I/1
St. Louis Cardinals | B/16, I/2
Texas Rangers | B/15, I/1
Toronto Blue Jays | B/22, I/1

The box didn't yield a lot of cards per team, but everybody with the exception of the Twins added a few more cards to your team's stack.  The box of 1997 Pacific Invincible is up next and I feel like we'll make up for the few cards in the Emotion-XL box with some really good cards.  Stay tuned everyone!

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