Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Group Break - 1997 Pacific Prism Invincible

The third box is my first ever Pacific product represented in a group break - 1997 Pacific Prism Invincible.  I've always been a huge fan of Pacific and I've searched high and low for something Pacific to feature in a group break, but finding reasonably priced boxes can be hard.  36 cards per box, 3 cards per pack with the chance of some nice inserts.

Photobucket  Photobucket
Front and back of the base card

Photobucket  Photobucket
Platinum parallels (2:37)

Sizzling Lumber (1:37)

Sluggers & Hurlers

The box beat the odds when it came to inserts as the above Sluggers & Hurlers were seeded 1:145 packs!  Just about every team got a few cards, but as with the last box the Dodgers came out on top.  The bonus blaster of 2008 UD Timelines is up next!  The card count below has been updated to reflect the total number of cards per team through 3 boxes.

Key:  B = base, I = insert
Atlanta Braves | B/35, I/2
Baltimore Orioles | B/26, I/0
Boston Red Sox | B/27, I/1
California Angels | B/24, I/1
Chicago Cubs | B/22, I/2
Chicago White Sox | B/31, I/1
Cincinnati Reds | B/28, I/2
Cleveland Indians | B/28, I/5
Colorado Rockies | B/27, I/3
Detroit Tigers | B/22, I/1
Florida Marlins | B/21, I/1
Houston Astros | B/23, I/5
Kansas City Royals | B26/, I/3
Los Angeles Dodgers | B/35, I/4
Milwaukee Brewers | B/27, I/2
Minnesota Twins | B/16, I/2
Montreal Expos | B/26, I/1
New York Mets | B/31, I/3
New York Yankees | B/22, I/2
Oakland Athletics | B/25, I/4
Philadelphia Phillies | B/28, I/0
Pittsburgh Pirates | B/20, I/1
San Diego Padres | B/34, I/2
San Francisco Giants | B/24, I/2
Seattle Mariners | B/26, I/1
St. Louis Cardinals | B/21, I/2
Texas Rangers | B/19, I/1
Toronto Blue Jays | B/26, I/1


  1. I love that set. The inserts were awesome. Someday the card companies will get it again. I love the 90's!

  2. Thanks for pulling that Piazza insert for me. Great selection of boxes for this break.

  3. 1995 Pacific Prisms - Presidential Gold #29 Jimmy King card- basktball