Sunday, May 8, 2011

May's Affordable Group Break is Now Open! Teams starting at $5.00 shipped!

Over the last few weeks it seems like a lot of bloggers are hosting group breaks and if you are like me you only have so much $$ to go around.  That said I hope you find this month's offerings and prices to your liking.  Teams start as low as $5.00 shipped.  We're busting 3 different boxes with possible bonuses depending on how successful the sign ups are.

**EDIT** I meant to mention that all the boxes are IN HAND so the quicker we fill this up the quicker we can start the fun! 

**5/13/11 EDIT** All the teams have been claimed! As promised the box of 1997 UD will be added to the break!


First box is 1995 Topps Series 1.  36 packs per box, 1 Spectra Light card per pack.
This box oughta beef up each team's stack plus give us one per pack insert.


The second box was a hobby exclusive, 1996 Fleer Emotion-XL.  18 packs per box.
I am very excited about this box.  The matte framed cards are reminiscent of the current paper frame cards from Gypsy Queen.  Inserts include Legion of Boom, Rare Bleed (pseudo 3D cards), D-Fense and N-Tense.

The third and final box (?) is 1997 Pacific Prism Invincible.  36 packs per box.
I've wanted to offer up a Pacific product ever since I started doing group breaks, but prices are all over the place and haven't always fit into my range until recently.  From the box's odds we should get 2 Platinum parallels (2:37) and 1 Sizzling Lumber (1:37).  Other inserts include Gate Attractions (1:73) and Sluggers & Hurlers (1:145).  Gems of the Diamond are seeded 2 cards per pack.

Depending on how many teams are claimed I should be able to throw in some bonus packs and or blaster(s).  If the whole break fills up I'll throw in a bonus box:


1997 Upper Deck Series 1.  
I believe this is the first year of game jersey cards!  28 packs per box, 12 cards per pack.  Inserts include:  Meet the Stars Trivia (1:3), Rock Solid Foundation (1:7), Power Package (1:23), Ticket to Stardom (1:24), Amazing Greats (1:138) - these are wooden cards!  Finally Game Jersey cards (1:2500).

To sign up please leave a comment to claim your team or teams.  Please submit your payment upon signing up.  The sooner people sign up & pay the sooner I can order the boxes.  Prices per team include shippingPayments can be sent via PayPal to cardboardcollections at  * Please note this is a new e-mail address than I have used in the past.  Please make sure to mark your payment as a GIFT and include your shipping address in the notes along with the team(s) you are claiming.

THE TEAMS FROM THIS LIST ARE $10.00 for the 1st team, $7.00 for each additional team
Atlanta Braves - Colbey (paid) 
Baltimore Orioles - Ryan of "O" No!!! (paid)
Boston Red Sox - hiflew (paid)
Chicago Cubs - The Real DFG (paid)
Cincinnati Reds - FanOfReds 
Cleveland Indians - Jason of One Out Away (paid)
Colorado Rockies - hiflew (paid)
Detroit Tigers - Chris (paid)
Houston Astros - DailyDimwit (paid)  
Los Angeles Dodgers - Spiegel83
Milwaukee Brewers - cynicalbuddha (paid)
Minnesota Twins - Chris (paid)
New York Mets - Ryan G (paid)
New York Yankees - BA Benny
Philadelphia Phillies - Ryan G (paid)
San Francisco Giants - SportsCardRadio (paid)
Seattle Mariners - Chris (paid)
St. Louis Cardinals - 82RedBirds (paid)
Texas Rangers - Chris (paid)

THE FOLLOWING TEAMS ARE $5.00 (no other discounts apply)
Angels - AngelsInOrder (payment sent)
Chicago White Sox - cynicalbuddha (paid)
Florida Marlins - Chris (paid)
Kansas City Royals - Josh (paid)
Montreal Expos - TheBrooklynMet (paid)
Oakland Athletics - Chris (paid)
Pittsburgh Pirates - The Real DFG (paid)
San Diego Padres (any Tony Gwynn cards are being kept) - Chris (paid)
Toronto Blue Jays - Justin (payment sent)


  1. Orioles please! Payment being sent.... now...

  2. Hey Colbey,
    I'll take the White Sox too along with the Brew Crew you should have payment in a moment

  3. Indians please. 30 minutes ago I told myself no more group breaks for the rest of the month. Oh well, guess now I'll just get one less rack pack of GQ this month. Looks like you've got another good break here. Thanks Colbey.

  4. Let's go with Phillies and Mets this month. Thanks!

  5. I'll take the Cardinals, please. Payment is on the way. Thanks!

  6. Money and address sent. Thanks!

  7. Hey, I'll take the Expos! Money and address in a minute.

  8. I'll grab the Yankees since I was too slow to grab the Mets.

  9. Please put me down for the Dodgers. Thanks!

  10. If it's not too much trouble, I'd like a shot at the Pirates and Cubs.

  11. Sign me up for the Red Sox. I am out of cards for that team. Payment OTW.

  12. Hello - I posted in the updated thread, too, but I will take the Royals for $3. I will send payment tonight once I am home.

    Thank you. -Josh D.

  13. Thanks everyone. List has been updated. Only 4 slots remain. If someone wants all 4 let me know and I'll cut you a deal!

  14. All the teams have been officially claimed! As promised the box of 1997 UD will be added to the break!