Monday, May 30, 2011

One more "dirt cheap" step to completion

Last week I posted my first card from the awesome 2001 Stadium Club Play at the Plate game-used dirt set.  Once I had the Griffey card in hand I just knew I wanted to track down more and I'm glad to say that I've added 3 more cards!


Nomar Garciaparra - people must not collect him like they did when he was still playing as I grabbed this card for just a few bucks.


Vladimir Guerrero as an Expo.  Another cheap pick up at a few bucks.


Alex Rodriguez - at least he was still a Mariner in 2001 as I shudder at the idea of adding a Yankee player to my collection!

So 3 more cards down - several more to go.  Still haven't been able to find the Chipper Jones in the set...

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