Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trade Bait! 2011 Bowman Chrome Brandon Guyer Blue Refractor Auto

You've probably seen those Topps Value Packs at Target or Walmart while grocery shopping.  I think Topps started using them last year and the trend carried over to 2011.  This current iteration contains 5 packs of Topps Update Series, 1 hobby pack of Bowman Chrome, 1 Diamond Giveaway redemption card and 1 of 3 exclusive Bryce Harper (yawn) refractors.

I had previously read that Derek from Tomahawk Chopping has had some good success pulling hits out of these boxes.  I too had pretty good luck last year and early this year as well.  This time was no different.  I opened the one lone pack of Bowman Chrome and pulled this:

#BCP168 (033/150)
I love the on card auto and the blue refractor looks great seeing how this is a Cubs card.  Pack odds are 1:295!  Not bad, eh?  Now the question is what to do with it.  I'd love to flip it for a similar Braves auto of Julio Teheran, Craig Kimbrel, Brandon Beachy or other Braves player.  Any one interested?


  1. Nice pull! I find it funny that Brandon was traded from the Cubs to the Rays last December in the Matt Garza trade. He was then shown in a Rays uniform in the Bowman Prospects set that was out in May. Now he has an autograph card in a Cubs uniform nearly a year after he was traded. It makes me wonder how far in advance Topps sends out cards to get autographed by players before they are released.

  2. I didn't know that Ryan, thanks! So to which fan will this card appeal more too...Rays or Cubs?