Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 2011 Affordable Group Break NOW OPEN! All Pinnacle product! (5 boxes)

11/02/11 UPDATE - The boxes have been ordered and should be shipping tomorrow, 11/03/11!

Enough of horror movies already...this is a trading card blog, right?!  I do promise to get back on topic so to speak really soon.  I've still got a big project I'm working on which has limited my time and ability to do much card related, but things are starting to take shape.  So while I work on that I wanted to tackle another one of my Affordable Group Breaks.


OK.  Let's try this again.  Over the last few months I've veered off the path that I originally started on when I began hosting monthly group breaks.  Some of them were very successful in terms of the amount of participation.  Others not so successful.  This month I wanted to go back to my "roots" and stick with mid to late 90's product.  Once again this break is sponsored by the great people at Baseball Card Exchange.  I hope others find this month's all Pinnacle selection at least intriguing. 

1995 Pinnacle Summit (Hobby)
- 24 packs, 7 cards per pack
- Nth Degree parallels 1:4
- New Age 1:18
- 21 Club 1:36
- Big Bang 1:72

1996 Pinnacle Summit
- 18 packs, 7 cards per pack
- Above & Beyond parallels 1:4
- Artist's Proof parallels 1:36
- Ballparks 1:7
- Hitters Inc. 1:36
- Big Bang 1:72
- Big Bang Mirage 1:72 (?)

1997 Pinnacle X-Press
- 24 packs, 8 cards per pack
- Men of Summer parallels 1:7
- Swing For the Fences 1:2
- Far & Away 1:19
- Melting Pot 1:288
- Metal Works (silver) 1:470
- Metal Works (gold) 1:950

 I'm also tossing in 2 boxes of 1996 Pinnacle Aficionado.  When I bought these boxes on the secondary market I didn't read the description good enough before making my purchase so I failed to see that all of the packs had already been opened.  I haven't gone through many of the packs yet, but I'm guessing any "good" insert(s) have already been removed.  I'm not really factoring these boxes into the cost so this just means a few extra cards for your team(s).

Teams will be $6.00 shipped.  Each additional team(s) will be $4.00. If you are interested in taking more than say 2 teams let me know and perhaps I can work out a slightly better bulk deal.

To save time the boxes will be opened on video.  A recap post will feature all of the inserts pulled.  My goal is to have all of the boxes opened and the cards in the mail to you before Thanksgiving.

The faster you pay the quicker I can have the boxes ordered and we can start the break.  To claim your team please leave a comment with your requested team(s) and then please submit your gift payment via PayPal to cardboardcollections at yahoo.com.  Due to PayPal cracking down on gift payments PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE SUBJECT LINE OR COMMENT BOX!  I already have address for most of the "regulars", but please e-mail me your full mailing address and the team you claimed after payment is sent. 

Atlanta Braves - Cardboard Collections (paid)
Baltimore Orioles - Ryan H (paid)
Boston Red Sox - dawgbones (paid)
California Angels
Chicago Cubs - Community Gum / Andy (paid)
Chicago White Sox - cynicalbuddha (paid)
Cincinnati Reds 
Cleveland Indians - Jason (paid)
Colorado Rockies - hiflew
Detroit Tigers 
Florida Marlins
Houston Astros 
Kansas City Royals - Josh D. (paid)
Los Angeles Dodgers - hiflew
Milwaukee Brewers - cynicalbuddha (paid)
Minnesota Twins - dawgbones (paid)
Montreal Expos
New York Mets 
New York Yankees - dawgbones (paid)
Oakland Athletics 
Philadelphia Phillies - dawgbones (paid)
Pittsburgh Pirates
San Diego Padres - Community Gum / Jon (paid)
San Francisco Giants - arpsmith (paid)
Seattle Mariners - Jason (paid)
St. Louis Cardinals - madding (paid)
Texas Rangers - Play at the Plate (paid)
Toronto Blue Jays - Dave Lepek (paid)


  1. Indians please. This looks like a great break. I don't have any of these - they're all from just after I stopped collecting. I'll send payment tonight when I get home. Thanks Colbey

  2. Phillies and Yankees please. I'll send payment later today...

  3. Hey Colbey I'm in for the Brew Crew and White Sox

  4. I'm in for the Orioles! I'm paying right now.

  5. Sign me up for the Rox. Nice selection. I have very few Pinnacles. I hope I get 1 or 2 Artist Proofs or Museum Collections because those are hard to track down.

    word verification: collb (kind of appropriate for your site)

  6. Colbey, I'm getting ready to send payment. I'll take the Mariners too.

  7. I'll jump in on this for the giants, payment on the way.

  8. Boy, I pretty much gotta go after the Padres, right? Not much for me in Cubs land, and I have too many of the Thomas cards to make White Sox worthwhile, so I'm glad that was claimed to take the choice out of my hands. I'll send payment soon!

  9. I'll take the Dodgers too for future trade bait. Payment sending now.

  10. payment sent for the Phils, Yanks, Twins, and Sawx.

  11. Royals please, Colbey. Paypal on the way. Thanks for running another break!