Monday, February 18, 2013

10 centerrific! Dave Dravecky Edition

1983 Fleer RC

In the midst of a sea of 1987 Topps commons, I ran across some early 80's cards in the dime box at the LCS.  Now I have to admit something.  Had I not specifically been looking for Padres stuff to add to my own "welcome back to the hobby" package I'm sending off soon, I may have missed this card.

Dave Dravecky is another one of those players that I ended up pursuing as a collection after hearing his story of how his baseball career ended.  Most importantly how he leaned upon his faith to get him through his traumatic times.  Me collecting him shouldn't surprise those of you that read this blog however.

This 1983 Fleer RC of his is actually in great shape.  Not sure why my scanner made the card look so off centered though.  Right out of the cheapo box, this card has a slight curve and 4 sharp corners.  I wonder how many other people thumbed right over this card without seeing it.  It is after all a horrible design with a horrible uniform!  Sorry, I can dig some throwback unis, but not this one!


  1. Horrible uniform? Love those old school yellow, brown, and orange jerseys. Nice find... I would have passed over it to, since I didn't realize it was his rookie card.

  2. (let's get him, Fuji!)

    Mr. CC, I have to agree with Fuji (clearly): that's pure retro goodness right there and nothing but cardboard desirability!

    And, to you both, good sirs: no, I'd have not passed over that card as, not only do I not have it, just look at Dravecky! Has he ever looked better?! Old school, close-to-the-field seating at Jack Murphy lurking in the background...nice find, CC!