Monday, February 4, 2013

10 centerrific! Deion Sanders Edition

1991 Star Pics

Wow, I can't believe after all these years this is the first time Deion Sanders has made the blog!  The dime boxes usually are filled with 85% baseball, but sometimes a few other sports get mixed into the baseball.  Usually it's annoying to be thumbing through baseball cards and then hit a run of something else, but this time I was glad to see a football card staring back at me.

This card is part of the 1991 Star Pics set.  I never followed his collegiate career and only briefly in the NFL.  I became a fan of his for who he is away from the game.  None the less it's always nice to find cards of his that I don't have.  Of note (at least to me), the back of this card has his college major listed:  Broadcasting.  No wonder he's so good in the booth!