Monday, January 28, 2013

10 centerrific! Tony Gwynn Edition

Sometimes the dime boxes at my LCS don't turn up anything worth buying...just tons and tons of late 80's Topps commons.  Then there are other times I keep finding stuff I want.  Case in point - these 4 Tony Gwynn inserts from the mid 90's.  Long before autos and memorabilia/relic cards were so common place, we ripped packs looking for those elusive insert cards.  Some were embossed while others were die-cut.  Some were seeded very high while others were more manageable to pull.  Some were found exclusively in rack packs while others could only be found in jumbo packs.  You know, I kinda miss those days.  Collecting cards seemed more fun at times and well, just simpler.

 1992 Fleer All-Stars   1996 Fleer Ultra Respect

The 1992 Fleer All-Stars cards were some of the first true insert cards when I started collecting.  I remember buying lots and lots of 92 Fleer from a drug store near my church called Revco.  Anyone else remember that chain?  The Respect insert hails from 1996 Fleer Ultra.  I can't think of a better candidate to be in a set called Respect.

1996 Score Diamond Aces   1996 Score Numbers Game

If my memory serves me correctly, these Diamond Aces and Numbers Game cards were only found in jumbo packs of 1996 Score. They may not sport the best designs, but I busted a lot of Score in my early years and loved it.

So, was this 40 cents well spent?


  1. I remember Revco! I had a Topps oddball set from Revco -- I think it's maybe 1989 or 1990. And, I concur, the 1992 Fleer inserts were among the first I recall lusting after. Although, the Fleer packs were a little pricier than Topps, so I didn't buy that much of '92 Fleer.

  2. I also remember Revco. I remember clearing out a box of 1993 Donruss pack by pack with allowance money and then buying a whole sh*t-ton of 1995 Collector's Choice SE from that place!

  3. Great Gwynn cards! I remember coveting that 92 Fleer insert as a kid. Still haven't tracked it down. That's a sharp looking Diamond Aces card, gotta love the brown and yellow. I would definitely rather have four Gwynn's than four dimes.

  4. I think I would have been willing to pay $4 for those Gwynn's. You got a steal on those. There aren't any players I love more than Tony.