Saturday, January 5, 2013

My lone baseball card representation from Christmas

When people were asking what I wanted for Christmas earlier in the year I mentioned just about everything BUT baseball cards.  Not sure why.  Perhaps I was just taking a break during this off season, but my wife was gracious enough to toss a rack pack of 2012 Bowman Chrome into my stocking.

I'm not a big prospector so I don't buy much Bowman each year.  I'll track down all of Tim Hudson's cards and at least a complete Braves set, but that's about it.  Having said that this pack of Bowman Chrome was my first time ripping this product.

You know the break down - three packs each containing three cards + an exclusive three card pack of green bordered cards.  The first pack I opened contained a nice Braves surprise waiting for me in the form of a Brian McCann Refractor.

The 2nd pack didn't contain anything special...just some base cards which have been listed on my trade page.  The 3rd pack however is where things got interesting.  The pack lists the odds at 1:390 for Prospect Refractors.  I'm hoping an Astros fan will want to trade with me.

My wife said she had a hard time finding much to choose from at the local Walmart by the house and told me she really didn't know what to buy.  I would've been happy even if I hadn't pulled a Braves card I needed or the auto - I just love her for thinking of me and my crazy hobby enough to buy me a pack of cards.  Thanks babe!


  1. I would love to trade for that Singleton!

  2. Congrats on the nice holiday cards.
    McCann refracator & the Singleton card = Big success!

  3. What were your three green border parallels if I may ask?