Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Football Affordable Group Break Happens Tonight!

** UPDATE **
Josh has asked if the team randomization could be posted first to allow trading. I honestly forgot all about that!  I'll get that posted ASAP.

If you are participating in my first ever football card break, check back this evening for the results.  The boxes (and maybe a something else) will be ripped tonight and posted on my YouTube channel.  To consolidate things a bit, I'll start the video off with the randomization of the 2nd teams.  Then we'll get to the boxes themselves.  If you haven't already, why not subscribe to the channel?

The video and scans of the hits will be posted here on the blog as well for those of you that don't care to watch videos.  I hope to get this underway this evening...maybe 8.  Depends on when my little girls go to bed and whether or not my wife has me clean the kitchen first!

See everyone back here soon!osz


  1. Is there any way to post the 2nd-team randomization first so that we could trade those teams amongst ourselves in advance?

  2. Hey could you email me your mailing address so I could get my money out to you. My email is cardscrush99@yahoo.com. Thank you so much.

  3. I forgot about this!

    Come on, Redskins...

  4. I would be happy to trade my 2nd team for the Giants, FYI...

  5. Depending on what my 2nd team is...I would probably trade it for the Patriots or Cowboys. Maybe even for the Saints or the Browns (egads!).

  6. OK, we'll see what Colbey comes up with and take it from there!