Friday, January 25, 2013

Football Affordable Group Break UPDATE

I don't know what the weather was like out your window today, but here in the Carolinas it was cold, rainy and icy!  It was a really nasty day.  All the northerners in the area always laugh at us Southerners when we get winter weather, but I'm telling you I don't care where you're's hard to drive on ice!  This was ever apparent on my drive home from work - which usually takes an hour.  My drive time was doubled as there were accidents and cars sitting upside down everywhere!

I say all of this because I had no idea if UPS would be making their scheduled delivery today or not.  Well to my delight, yes the package arrived!  Inside the large box was our 3 boxes for my first ever football group break! 

Before we can break however I need to fill the last 5 slots.  So if you have been on the fence or if you want an additional 2 team slot or know of someone that may be interested...let them know about the break as soon as possible. 

Right now I'm planning to break the boxes Tuesday evening, 01/29/13.  I'll get the video up on YouTube and the blog hopefully the same night.

Not sure what we're opening?  Check out the original post for all of the details and to sign up now!

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