Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 NFL Draft Pack Break Special - 2013 Upper Deck

After sitting down and watching the first round of last night's 2013 NFL Draft, I decided to go back though the rack pack of 2013 Upper Deck football that I bought a few days ago to see if I could now recognize any of the players.  The problem I have about getting excited about the NFL Draft is I don't really watch much college football.  I try to watch NC State play when I can and living in ACC country I hear the sports talk radio guys talk about the rest of the conference.  However I still don't know many of the players outside their name.  That didn't stop me from buying a pack though.  I miss Upper Deck.  I miss their great photography and card designs.  Doubt I'll buy more, but this was a fun rip none the less.

The retail rack packs contain 32 cards, of which include 2 exclusive Robert Griffin III inserts.  I think Tim Tebow was the feature player in last year's set.  There are no other real odds listed on the pack for other cards outside the slim chance at landing an autograph.  Enough about that, let's jump down to the cards.  All of them are available if anyone is interested. 

#051 Marquess Wilson (Washington State)
#056 DeVonte Holloman (South Carolina)
#059 Datone Jones (UCLA)
#063 Kwame Geathers (Gerogia)
#065 Knile Davis (Arkansas)
#071 Duke Williams (Nevada)
#074 Dan Buckner (Arizona)
#079 Gavin Escobar (San Diego State)
#081 Eric Reid (LSU)
#084 Travis Kelce (Cincinnati)
#087 Johnny Adams (Michigan State)
#089 Spencer Ware (LSU)
#093 Chris Thompson (Florida State)
#098 Ryan Swope (Texas A&M)
#100 Jordan Reed (Florida)
#103 Malliciah Goodman (Clemson)
#106 Chase Thomas (Stanford)
#110 Cobi Hamilton (Arkansas)
#112 Manti Te'o (Notre Dame)
#113 Lonnie Pryor (Florida State)
#115 Mike Shanahan (Pittsburgh)
#118 Kiko Alonso (Oregon)
#119 EJ Manuel (Florida State)
#125 T.J. McDonald (USC)
#128 Eric Fisher (Central Michigan)
#131 Terrance Williams (Baylor)
#136 Robert Lester (Alabama)
#137 Brandon Ford (Clemson)
#149 Braxston Cave (Notre Dame)


  1. cool looking cards, haven't had a chance to pick up a box just yet.

    would you be interested in trading the Jordan Reed and RG3's?

  2. As all things Chargers are a must in my collection, I'd like to free up that Te'o, if you're open to parting with it, Colbey! I'm on the hunt for an auto of him, Fluker and Allen now that they've gone 1 - 2 - 3.