Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Catching up with some Trades

I'll admit it, I'm a horrible trader.  Well at least when it comes to sharing the trades on the blog here.  I know there are several people that I've neglected to spotlight here and I apologize.  I've got so many stacks of cards sitting around that I can't even remember what they are doing there sitting there!  So I'll try to do my best and share a few recent trades that have been completed.

When I first ran across Panini's Cooperstown cards at my local Walmart I liked what I saw.  More specifically the inserts.  I saw a few cards on Mark's Ephemera blog that stood out, specifically a wooden insert called Induction Year.  I shot off an e-mail and a little later I got an envelope from Mark with these inside.

Mark also included a Cooperstown High Praise insert of Brooks Robinson and a nifty Griffey Jr. card from what I believe was a Upper Deck NASCAR set.  Now I just need to find something off of Mark's want list to send him in return for these awesome cards.

After I shared my two packs of Topps Silver Slate redemption cards I was hoping to get them into the hands of other collectors while grabbing some Braves cards.  Reader Brian Jarvis e-mailed me and proposed a one for one trade and just happened to have a Heath Bell.  

While I may be actively collecting other players more than I am Heath Bell, I was happy to make the one for one swap.

Cynicalbuddha of the Collector's Crack has been a great trader for many many years.  Sometime ago I received a large bubble mailer full of various cards that fit my collecting habits.  Here are just a few:

He went out to San Francisco and literally disappeared
Nobody stands on the sidelines in street clothes holding a clipboard better than Jimmy!
Xfractor goodness!
The year on the back says 2010, but the back is a reproduction as well so I'm guessing it's one of those Cards Your Mom Threw Out Original Backs.
Have I told everyone how much I love 3D cards?!
I love me some wrasslin' cards!
Last, but certainly not least is a trade I completed with the internet famous dayf of Cardboard Junkie.  I was lucky enough to receive a 1/1 genuine Pony card!  I actually opened this card in the car w/ my family and my 3 year old daughter Olivia saw the card from her seat.  She smiled really big and asked if I would show her the card.

If that wasn't cool enough, he also sent me a nice little stack of Chippas!  Man it's weird not seeing him patrolling 3rd base this season.

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  1. That Griffey is part of the 1995 Upper Deck Racing set. There were other UD Spokesmen (Michael Jordan, Reggie Jackson, and Joe Montana) that had similar cards.