Saturday, April 27, 2013

Finding new, interesting blogs

I don't know why I've never done a blog post like this until today - the premise is so simple.  Share a blog that you recently discovered that was well laid out, well written and of a team that you don't despise.  Well this new blog almost fits the bill.  He's a Redskins fan.  I can live with that.  He's also a Yankees fan.  Well I can everyone can't be perfect!

Upon posting the contents of my  2013 Upper Deck football pack yesterday, I got a comment from Cardboard Hogs asking for the RGIII inserts and one other card.  I noticed he had a Wordpress blog so I jumped right on over.  Immediately I knew he was a Redskins fan.  Before my hometown of Charlotte, NC was awarded a NFL franchise which became the Carolina Panthers, this area was Redskins territory.  I never cared much for football until we got the Panthers, but I can remember my dad flipping back and forth between a Redskins game and a NASCAR race on Sundays after church.  My dad wasn't a die hard Skins fan, but that is how he got his football fix.

I also noticed he collected a few baseball players including several Yankees.  The only thing I can say that redeemed him a bit was his dislike of A-Rod.  Seriously though, I love the layout and colors of his blog.  I've already added it to my blogroll so I can make sure to stay up to date with his posts.  I also hope this gives me a new football trading partner as many of my regular readers don't seem to delve as much into football.  Baseball will always be my main focus, but I can't ignore my Panthers and I love opening football card packs as well.

So if football is your thing, Redskins or not, I encourage you to hop on over and check out Cardboard Hogs.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out. I really appreciate it and it was very cool to read what you wrote about my blog. I've been reading the hobby blogs for a few years now and decided to start my own this year and trying to connect with different collectors. It's been great having conversations with all of them.

    If i come across any cool Braves or Panthers cards i will be sure to think about sending them your way.

    thanks again!

    ps - in your 2013 upper deck post, you responded that you sent me an email...haven't received it yet? I will check my spam folder just in case.