Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Tim Hudson

It's always a good day when I can add some new Tim Hudson cards to my collection that I don't have.  This time I found a nice auto from earlier in his career with the A's for a surprisingly low price.

1999 Fleer Ultra Fresh Ink auto #0219/1000
The auto may be a little smudged in the middle, but for what I paid I could care less.  Maybe it's just that stupid embossed logo that messed up the ink?

The next up is a low serially numbered parallel from a set that I really like, 2000 Pacific Vanguard.  When I first stumbled across the card the description didn't mention that it was the green parallel or that it was numbered.  That made the $.99 purchase price all the more desirable.

2000 Pacific Vanguard Green #61/99
Now if only I could find the other colored parallels of Tim from the Vanguard set and have the same luck!


  1. It does look like the embossed logo had an uncanny effect on the auto. Those kinds of things can drive me nuts, but on cards that you get for a deal, who cares? That's a great looking card and it sounds like you got it for a steal. I'm liking that Vanguard Green. Congrats on two more for your Hudson PC!

    1. I so want to bust a box of Vanguard, but finding a sealed box has been tougher than I thought!