Monday, June 17, 2013

2nd attempt at integrating with Facebook

Earlier this year I successfully integrated my toy blog with Facebook and created a page.  I was told by some friends they like to keep up w/ what I do on the blog, yet don't have or want a Blogger / Google account.  So they can now simply 'like' the Facebook page and see all of my updates and blog posts.

I also tried the same thing using a different Facebook account for this very blog, but with it being under a different log in I found it very tiring to log in and out of the two Facebook accounts to post updates and such.  So I deleted the old page/account and started over this morning.  You can find the new page HERE.

I used to have photo albums full of trade bait, photo albums of different themes from my collection among other things.  It'll take me some time to re-create that content so for now there isn't much there.  I do plan on doing some Facebook exclusive stuff there (contests maybe?) so if you have a Facebook account and want to 'like' the page, go ahead.

This is just one more step I'm trying to take to get more people involved in the blog and hopefully unload some baseball, basketball and football cards!

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