Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Box Break (Birthday Edition) - 2013 Topps Series 2 Hanger Box

Last week I turned 36.  Gettin' old am I.  I got the usual gifts from my family (gift cards), but my aunt of all people went the extra mile and searched out something else.  I recently scrapped and started a new Facebook page for the blog and while setting it up I like the "Like" button a few times.  One of those was for Topps.  So as a late gift I received a two 2013 Topps Hanger Boxes as a gift.  One for Series 1 and one for Series 2.  While my grandmother just rolled her eyes, I made sure to give my aunt a big thank you.

The timing of this gift was uncanny as I had bought myself a hanger box just the day before.  I was hoping to find some on my trip to Turner Field recently, but the one Target we hit while in Atlanta was fairly barren.

To sum it up the box was pretty good for this Braves fan.  The Beachy and Smoltz in particular were nice finds since I collect these guys regarding the team that they play for.

I knew my aunt picked up this box at Walmart since it included 5 exclusive blue bordered parallels.

So there are 3 different versions of these Chasing History cards, am I right?  I think the gold holographic foil come in the hanger boxes, while the silver holographic foil are found in the rack packs and the regular versions in single retail packs.  

Glad to see the Cut to the Chase inserts were carried over to Series 2.  Making Their Mark is new to Series 2 and showcases a particular accomplishment for that player.  I need to see more of these before I decide if they go on the Trade List or the Want List.  Chase It Down features some great action photography and a design I'd expect to see on a Stadium Club card.  Like.

I was fortunate enough to get a Desert Camo parallel #d to 99.  At least it's a Yankee which means it should be easy to flip or trade.  The 1972 Minis are also a carry over from Series 1 and while cool, I'm not chasing these.  Oh yeah, almost forgot about this year's Million Dollar Chase contest...

I'll be working to put together both my Trade List of doubles and unwanted inserts as well as a new Series 2 Want List.  Those links can be found in the upper left corner of the blog.

** UPDATE **

As I was collating the cards I ran across #228 Adrian Gonzalez.  Sure enough, this is one of those photo variations.  Now, is there a Dodgers fan out there that wants this?


  1. Hey would you want to trade me for Tim Lincecum Chasing history and Nick Markakis Blue? just Email me at


  2. Hey there I'd love to have a shot at that Adrian Gonzalez. Please let me know what kinds of cards you collect and what you'd be interested in...I have lots of trades for other teams.


    Thomas aka Dodgers88

    1. I obviously collect Atlanta Braves. You can find a list of players I collect in the sidebar to the right...there are a lot of 'em!

      Feel free to e-mail me so we can work something out - flywheels at yahoo . com

  3. Hey man!

    Nice pulls.

    If you are interested, I could send you a emerald green Hudson Record Chase card from Series 2 for that blue Teheran.

    1. Deal! E-mail me your mailing address directly at flywheels at yahoo . com