Thursday, February 19, 2015

A little 2015 Topps swag

Only a week or so into the release of series 1 of 2015 Topps and I've already landed a few nice Freddie Freeman inserts. I'm not going crazy this time around buying up any and every Braves card I can find as money is just too tight, but these were priced right and look beautiful in hand.

I'm still on the fence trying to determine how I feel about all of these manufactured "relic" cards, such as these new MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Pin cards. It looks beautiful, but it's so thick I'll never be able to put it in a page with other cards of Freeman.

The Career High cards as a normal insert set are just meh. Throw in a little piece of jersey and they are a little more interesting. While searching out this card I discovered the little swatch of jersey also comes in red and white...or was that cream? Any who, I'll probably seek those variations out too as long as the price is right.

It feels weird to be buying cards again. A good weird though. I needed the time away from things, but just holding these 2 cards made me remember just how fun collecting (and blogging) can be.


  1. Nice Freemans! The good thing about manufactured "relic" cards is you know they're manufactured and you don't have to worry about it being "real" or not.

  2. Those logo pins are pretty sweet and so are the Future Star pins. Sadly my poor Brewers only have a couple Career High relics for me to chase so far this year.