Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Catching up on old trade posts

If someone sends me cards I feel obligated not only to make sure I say thank you to the other party, but also highlight some of the goodies here on my corner of the internet. This package comes courtesy of The Dutch Card Guy, all the way from the Netherlands. I've had this team bag full of Braves cards sitting off to the side for so long now I can't remember if we made a trade, or if he was just trying to get rid of some Braves (that filthy Yankees fan!). Either way I'm very grateful for the cards as I needed most of them.

There was a good selection of mid 90's stuff, but these 4 stood out the most to me. Let's start with the Crime Dog himself, Fred McGriff. I always loved the Fleer Metal stuff and this 1996 Metal Universe card is awesome. I love the orange ripple effect over top of Fred. It's as you can almost feel the swing of the bat and the crack of the bat against the ball as he launches it into the outfield. The other McGriff card comes from a Tombstone Pizza promotion. I love the unlicensed and odd ball stuff like this. I also like the Panini stuff, but that should come as no surprise if I like stuff like this Tombstone card.

The Chipper Jones Mining For Gold insert from 1996 Metal Universe is awesome. These cards look so much better in hand than they do scanned. When I checked my lists I was surprised that I didn't already have this card.

The last card of the 4 is none other than slugger Ryan Klesko. The card comes from the 1995 Topps Stadium Club Member's Only set. The details of the set itself are foggy in my brain, but in addition to the chrome aspect of the card you can see a cracked look in the background. It almost looks like scales from a reptile or something. Not sure what Topps was aiming for here, but they achieved a neat looking card none the less.

These cards traveled a long way to me, but I'm glad to be able to add them to my Braves collection. Thanks again!

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  1. Great to hear they arrived safely ! Thanks for the trade !